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Coin Pirate is a game like the classic coin pusher/dozer games combined with incremental progress and stunning graphics.   Unlock artifact spawning which will stay in the world after you've won the item. Collect your own treasure room filled with the treasure you find.   Unlock powerfull powerups but be careful this also unlocks power"downs". Try to get them off the play area to avoid temporary penalties. Collecting the powerups will give you temporary benifits.   The aim of the game is to keep upgrading everything. For example: To listen to the chilling background music you have to unlock it first.    Take in mind this game is in an early development state and could use some user feedback.    Plans for the future are adding fancy graphics for the HUD and add as much cool powerups and other features as possible.   It would be awesome if you could join my discord for the latest alpha builds and feedback and bug reports.   Personally I (yes I'm a solo developer) like this game very much, but what about you?   If you like incremental clicker/idle games you will have a lot of fun playing this game.    Please join my discord for the latest builds and try it out for free.   Have a great day!   There is a short demonstration video here:  

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve

Awesome level design. Runs really smoothly. But it was a bit hard to understand what to do in the beginning. Keep up the good work!

1 week ago

Coin Pirate