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The Last Runner

Run like a thunder in Cat Town!  Use parkour movements to get as many coins as you can and find the hidden treasures in this infected and dangerous place.Features:   • Story mode with meticulous level design. • Challenging endless mode with +60 combinable screens.  • Secret areas with a lot of coins! • Different paths to complete most of the areas, risk & reward. • Original soundtrack with great action music. • Modern pixel art style with combinable assets. • One touch gameplay. • Hi-Scores leaderboard.

Game Graphics Level Design

Nice game, the game mechanic is easy to learn and the physics are good. The art looks great and clear.

Could be the things that I miss in the game is a soft sound when you tap and the ball goes up and the color of the enemies (the dark bars) are a bit simple, could be with a brighter color the game gets a bit more easy to play.

Good luck!

1 year ago

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