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Vorbra is a brain-teasing puzzle game with simple rules and complex results. Play over 200 free levels that will test your brainpower and skill.Tap to shoot an orb. Hold to shoot one faster. Orbs eliminate each other when they touch. Hit all the goals to win!

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First thing I noticed is there's something jarring about the way the water is animated. Upon closer inspection, it looks like there's some form of static refraction effect on the water, as if it's seen through a stationary warped piece of glass. I think it would look better if the effect moved across the screen (at a different speed/direction from the water) and was smoother (i.e. scaled up to have the details not be so small). In its current form it just seems overwhelming and hard to look at.

Next issue, after dying 3 times I got a timer that didn't let me play again for >10 minutes. It's probably not a good idea to lock new users away from playing your game for the first few rounds, or you'll have low retention rates. I'd recommend a couple things:

- Turn off the timer until the user has spent x number of minutes of gameplay (for some value of x)
- Add a button near the timer to speed it up / make it go away (via coins, in-app purchases and/or rewarded video ads). e.g. spend x coins on a repair kit to to double the timer's speed one time only. At the very least there should be a link to the existing in-app purchase for infinite lives - you want to make it as easy as possible to buy things.
- Add a more detailed explanation of what is going on the first time the timer appears - I don't know what I did that made the timer last 11 minutes. If I play better is it shorter? (I see now you get a life every 5 minutes, but that would ideally be explained in-game).

Now for minor nitpicks:

- When you lose a life, it takes too long to start playing again. Ideally the obstacles on screen would speed up to go off screen to decrease the wait.
- The snowman could use some animation, since most of the other content moves (e.g. its upper body & head could trail behind his lower body as if it were a spring)
- I'd like to see more variety of content - more kinds of obstacles, moving obstacles, etc.
- I'd like to see something that differentiates it from other endless runners.
- The name entry should remember the last name you entered.

Finally, despite all the above criticism, I still enjoyed playing your game. It looks & feels pretty good (other than the aforementioned water effect) and is fun. I liked that the music changes when the big octopus things appear.

10 months ago

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