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Aetheria is an MMORPG which focuses on challenging dungeons, cooperative group play, fast paced PvP, and important crafting elements.  Aetheria utilizes action combat, which means no targeting and no standing still while casting, ever!  This makes for an intense situation every battle, whether it be with other players or with fierce monsters.  The land of Aetheria is unforgiving and harsh, so make sure to bring friends and guildmates on your journey.

Level Design Mechanics

I love the style of the game, it reminds me of a graphical rendition of old MUDs I used to play! Was pretty easy to pick up and make it through the first few dungeons, then I got ambushed and surrounded by an elite and died pretty quick. I guess I got careless, because I was feeling pretty powerful plowing through all of the other enemies haha. I did feel casting spells and using potions was a bit clunky sometimes and there was no good indication of any cooldowns on the UI even though it did seem like there was one. Overall, a good bit of fun!

3 years ago

Once upon a Dungeon


Draigana's Fire