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Pokemon C.R.E.A.M.

Join the Negro Ketchum in his quest to get rich quick and pay the bills for his family. Dive into the mansion of the ever mysterious The Ascended One and take on the dreaded Ebola Challenge. Defeat The Ascended One and his four Ebola Warriors and claim victory. In this world MONEY IS EVERYTHING.Features Pokemon Selling and Buying Silly story Negro Ketchum


Spittaz is a 2D puzzle/action game in the spirit of MegaMan Battle Network. You play as Isaiah, a young rapper on a path to be signed to a label. Although, Isaiah isn't the only one on the come up.   You will move and rhyme words to defeat your opponents in thrilling boss battles. 

Mechanics Level Design

Very cool concept for a game. I think that the first level may be a little too tough though. I made it past the first red block and then was immediately slammed into the wall over and over again. I tried to teleport around it but I'm not sure if the teleport has a cool down or something because it would not work. Also, maybe having an auto restart of the level rather than going back to the main menu might be a good option and lessen initial frustration.

9 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Very fun little pong clone. I think some instruction on what the controls are or what the objective of the game would be very helpful. I did eventually figure out by chance that I can use the mouse to control my character, but by having a tutorial/controls screen this confusion can be mitigated quickly.

9 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

What I liked;
The music and how it didn't start over after death

The art for the main character is very good

The sound design on jumping and death

What I didn't like:
The controls feel a bit too sensitive. I feel like I am skating on ice.

The second level may be a bit too hard after the first. I tried many times but couldn't get to the platform above me at the top of the second four columns of platforms or the second top one to the right. Maybe move the second to the right closer perhaps.

9 months ago

Thanks so much for playing and the feedback. It is extremely helpful. I will definitely be looking into all the things that you noted here. You also taught me that has a desktop app

8 months ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls

I think this game is a very solid idea and extremely fun. I really really liked the tutorial and the little messages that started each level. They brought a nice smile to my face. I think the biggest weakness of the game so far is the controls and maybe the physics of the box. I think the white box falls a little too slowly which leads to some cheap feeling deaths. Maybe having a way to speed it up a little would help. I do see that the speed changes slightly in Medium and Hard mode but the speed difference between these two difficulties is negligible.

8 months ago

Can't wait to play more!!!

8 months ago

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