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Eternal Return: Black Survival [Alpha}

BE THE LAST ONE STANDING The scientific organization known as AGLAIA has a dream. Their main goal is to create a new race of humans, and they are currently conducting live experiments on their human test subjects.   Become a test subject for a top secret experimental project, test your strength while fighting the other test subjects, and be the last one standing. The game is currently in its 5th Alpha stage. You can join the 5th Alpha by getting a key on the official Discord The 5th Alpha test will be happening on March 20th 6pm PDT

Eternal Return: Black Survival Closed Beta

Closed Beta Test information The test will begin June 24th, 5am PST and it will be live everyday until July 21st, 9pm PST. You can join the test by requesting a free key in the official Discord. More information about the test schedule can be found on the Steam News page.


The camera since a bit sensitive, but so far it looks like a game to keep watching.

1 year ago

Eternal Return: Black Survival [Alpha}