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Game Download from Nature and plant intensive game in a prototype stage. Short gameplay under 5 min, first prototype. Controls with WASD, mouse, and space. It can be played with an Xbox controller as well. Please answer these four questions in the Google Form, it is highly appreciated: Google From Questions1. What feelings did the game prototype evoke? 2. Why did you get the feeling? 3. What tags would you put on this game in Steam?4. Why do you choose these tags? Sincerely, Pontus Jakobsson


We need your help to playtest Urskog! Take a break and meditate, and let the wisps lead the path through the forest. Solve simple puzzles and find out where the wisps are taking you... If you like the game, give it your vote between 1st - 4th of June, when we are showcasing it on Gotland Game Conference itchio-page, together with other game student projects.    


Lose yourself in the woods and uncover the mystical secrets of Urskog... This is a prototype that will develop into a vertical slice of the game by the end of May 2020. The game is being developed by 7 game design students, who are working full-time on it.   Please be kind enough to fill out our Google Form after playing the prototype, to help us improve the game! Don't hesitate to contact us about anything regarding the game. And give us your tumbs up

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Charming art style and an interesting game idea to control undead hordes. I was having some trouble figuring out the controls, so as tutorial would be great. But when I understood the controls they were easy.

4 months ago

Thank you for your comment Jaysmito. I will optimize the graphic so it runs smoothly on lower specs, as well as upload versions for other platforms. Could you play the game or did it not run at all?

3 months ago

Thank you Crackoder for playtesting and your feedback! We will now make changes to the learning curve to make it clearer.

1 week ago

Taxi Driving in Rush City