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Danger Forever

Danger Forever is third-person scroll shooter,a bit different from usual "shoot everything in sight".   Your health-bar is your fuel-bar. And everything cost energy - your movement, bumping into things, getting hit by enemy fire.Shooting and shield both cost energy, which is recharged over time.So defeating enemies is a matter of survival -- energy they had just may keep you alive a bit longer. Controls   Gamepad (X360 wired controller or clone, DualShock4) -- LS to move, R1 to shoot, L1 to shield.   Keyboard -- WASD/arrows to move, Z or Ctrl to shoot, Space to shield.

Mechanics Controls

Most noticeable issue is movement inertia.

Jump feels a bit 'floaty' -- character should fall faster (and probably move up faster too).
Movement inertia feels kinda strange; there are lot of people who HATE inertia in platformers, especially when stopping is not instant. When you have to do a lot of jumping with changing direction (like in the section with lots of breaking platforms), that inertia becomes really annoying.

7 years ago

All valid points, I'm working on more gameplay/environment variety now.

About tutorial, what information is missing? (I assume you have seen first-time-non-skippable tutorial screen).
Controls maybe?..

5 years ago

Yes, I've recently came to conclusion that game really need short 'training' level explaining controls (some are not-so-obvious, especially for newly added stuff ) and critical gameplay things (fuel/energy).
I'm being figuring out how to show/explain all of this quickly and (preferably) without text :)

5 years ago


Can you elaborate a bit more on which graphics looks worst (and need most work)?
(environment, player-character, enemies, UI/HUD)

5 years ago

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