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Spirit Saga : Origins

Spirit Saga : Origins is an Action-Adventure JPRG styled game which features dynamic skill use and innovative combat. You assume the role of an initiate Hunter of the Legion. Your goal is two-fold, act as sword and shield for the human race and uncover the mystery behind the Gaia Beast revolt. 

Game Graphics Animation

During combat, especially the movement between squares, detracts from the game with the lack of animation.
Also during the scenes where you must connect and combo for action I feel there could be some kind of visual effects, perhaps player in the background slicing, dicing or shooting as you connect.

Finally I feel the results of your success within the mini game for attack or defense should also display some kind of visual result, even if it's just a simple flash of the character's avatar and some text that says something like "Three step combo" with a voice over like "let's go!" or something of that nature.

The rest seems really well put together. I have yet to play. I'm basing this on the video.

7 years ago
Mechanics Physics

The game is fun, my advice would be to slow down the revolving bits, or increase the power of the gun to enhance the action adventure parts.

Currently as it stands the game seems to feel really rushed.

Perhaps some elements that only activate when you get near as well?

7 years ago

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