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Bounce Balll!!!

Bounce Ball is a 2d casual ball game where players bounce a ball into the green zone while avoiding many different types of enemy objects such as spikes. Do You Think Its An Easy Game? You'll Be Wishing That The Levels Were Easier!!! The levels start very slow with barely any difficulty to benefit you. The first few levels are there to help you understand how to play and get a feeling for the game but as your level goes higher. Everything changes..... The levels will rapidly increase in difficulty always giving you a challenge no matter your skill. Avoid spikes, rotating balls of spikes and be prepared to deal with the intense difficulty and infinite fun of Bounce Ball. Only The Best Players Can Beat Level 100!!! Are You One Of The Best?  

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I like the look of the clowns and the retro aspect of the game but I think you could do alot more with the story. For example, maybe you could create an intro to the game with you hanging out with the Sheriff and then him getting taken. Then you could have dialogue like "Oh No!!! I need to get him back!!!". Just Some Thoughts :)

7 months ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

I like the look of the actual spaceships but the UI like the pause menu are to dark. I can't really see the buttons in the screenshot. I would suggest making them a lighter color or less transparent so you can't see through them

7 months ago
Level Design Game Graphics

The graphics could use work but the mechanics itself look very good and the design of the levels are nicely made to.

7 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

The graphics are fantastic especially the UI. I love the glow effect and the pop out when you slice but the levels themselves might get boring so you might need to add some more mechanics to spice it up a bit.

7 months ago

Kill All Those Klowns!


Bounce Balll!!!