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Super Shooter

This is a very fun game which has 6 unique and very interesting Levels and if someone fails at any level then he is taken back to Home Menu. The music, the Levels, the Art, the style, the enemies and every other stuff is perfectly made up to give an awesome experience.Instructions:1. Press the left mouse button to control and rotate the player.2. Press the left mouse button on screen on player and hold it to move it anywhere around the game, but remember not to take it too close to borders to avoid taking it half outside of the screen.3. Try to avoid clicking Start button on the top most area so as to prevent double clicking and making Level 1 open instead of Levels page.4. Please wait a little bit to sound(maximum 10 seconds) to load if somehow there happens to be a problem of sound.


Perhaps Should contain more puzzles

1 year ago

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