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Mageward - Roleplay Clicker

Get ready for an adventure in this original roleplay game. In Mageward you will become a wizard and help your Hero to destroy all the monsters.   Fight, hit them with lightning, fire or cold, develop your Hero and build the highest Magic Tower.   WHAT YOU WILL FIND HERE:   15+ monsters Colorful graphic design Online and multiplayer elements. Developing your character as in RPG. Various enemies Arena for battles with other Heroes New towns, each in the original design Achievements In-Game Chat to communicate with other wizards   We are constantly improving our game and adding new features. So don't forget to visit us often.   INCLUDES GOOGLE PLAY FEATURES: Authorization through Google Play account. Leaderboards and Achievements from Google Play. SAVE GAME: Your progress is saved on a remote server and can be restored at any time and even on different devices. But for this you'll need to use Google Play functions.   NOTES Mageward includes banners, text, video and other advertising. Mageward supports in-app purchases.

Fruit Ball Blast

Oranges conquer other fruits. Start with one and collect each orange on your way. Shoot the box to destroy it and earn points. More oranges, more boxes you can destroy. Go as far as possible, collect all fruits and discover new ways to destroy the boxes.FEATURES:   Free to play No end, you can play endlessly. Best time killer. Network connection and Wi-Fi not require. It's simple, press and shoot. Leaderboard and achievements. We are constantly improving our game and adding new features. So don't forget to visit us often.INCLUDES GOOGLE PLAY FEATURES:--- Authorization through Google Play account.--- Leaderboards and Achievements from Google Play.


Interesting game that will not take much time. Maybe I'll play it sometimes.
Looks good, simple mechanics. I do not think that it would be possible to add something else. :)

5 years ago

Squash Pipes

Mageward - Roleplay Clicker