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Loop - The Distress Call

Hello,We are looking for testers on iOS & Android for our game. Our small team is working on it for 2+ years now. We finally finished this version, and we would need precious feedback about the UI and story.Please if you are interested in testing it, send me an email: justine.dornier@advenworks.comThank you :) Here more information about our game:Loop is an interactive story based on dialogues in which every little choices change radically the story. Your behavior and your bonds you build with the character will deeply affect the outcomes.   You receive a distress signal from Ensign Althea Young: her ship is malfunctioning and the rest of the crew is compromised by a mysterious sickness. As an investigator, you need to understand what is going on on the ship from distance while helping Althea Young to avoid mysterious individuals.    The story is really focused on the relationship you have with Young, since the outcome of the game depends on how you behave with her. The way you answer and handle the situation is crucial. We want to offer a very unique experience, so we tried to develop a credible and interesting main character in order to be as close as possible to reality, like if you were interacting with a real person in an urgent and odd situation. 

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Your game is easy to understand.
I like the fact there is like a "story", which adds a nice added-value to the game. Nice graphics.

I would suggest to change the princess' face animation when you are right, because I had the impression I was wrong. You have the impression she suffers.
And make letters you have ti fill in bigger, in order to see it better.

1 year ago

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