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Immortal Sins

Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island who was exiled for the murder of an important person, which she never committed. Now away from her mother and her little sister, she and Elena, a trainee Dragonslayer, will travel across cities and kingdoms to uncover the truth and seek redemption. However, what she finds may be the key to change the entire world…

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I actually enjoyed this game. It's a nice arcade game when you want to kill some time. And I do like the gameplay mechanics as well. The biggest issue of the game is that it doesn't teach how to play the game properly. You'll need to read the game's description. It could be easily shown in the tutorial (or have the tutorial playable, which is preferable, in my opinion). There are some additional issues as well:
-The menu doesn't tell which buttons to press.
-The music wears the player down after a few minutes. It could have been a bit longer, with some variance.
-The game is a bit repetitive, even though it has some good mechanics. Some variation would be welcome.

6 months ago

It would be a good idea to include the controls in the tutorial. Giving the option to rebind the keys is also a good idea (the controls are fine for me, but some may prefer a different control scheme).

6 months ago

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