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The Oeuvre

Hello, and welcome to the Oeuvre!Every time you die in this simple platformer, you unlock an accessibility feature: slower game speed, easier level design, lower gravity, etc.However, if you manage to beat a level in under the given death count, you unlock a PERMANENT movement ability. This goes from simple coyote time to advanced Whirlwind Maneuvers and Fall Stops.Finally, if you beat the clock in any given level, you unlock a new palette to use! How cool is that?!?!You can also deactivate helping abilities or movement abilities, make all unlocked from the start or choose when to increase your death count.

Game Graphics Controls

"Hypercasual"? That music is not very hypercasual. Maybe try this instead: https://www.tones.fm/tones/calm

Anyhow, the graphics are nice, but the controls feel too floaty for me. Also the mouse controls feel wrong, sometimes when I drag it to the right, it goes to the left for some reason? I'm not sure how you're calculating it, but I suggest moving the ball to the right when the mouse is on the right side of the screen, and left when on the left side. Also, imo the falling speed is too slow and the first time that I went off the level, the game over came reaaaaaally late.

7 months ago

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