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save the Alien

    FEATURES: -  Unengaged to play, play it anyplace anytime  - Appropriate for all ages  - Wonderful Graphic, visual, music & sounds  - Use your brain to unravel the wonderful puzzles in restricted time  - Unlimited lives, relish yourself  - Collect diamonds and obtain your own character    So what are you waiting to transfer to Save the Alien straightaway? You may certainly relish in a propulsion pin puzzle game. Let's start playing by clicking this  

The maze game 3D

The Maze Game 3D is a challenge for your brain, ideal for your intelligence as well as a brain exercise game. The initial level is very easy, when you cross more levels it becomes more difficult. In Maze Game 3D, You can explore and find a way out of 100 amazing puzzle mazes. The mazes are of different pleasant colors. It has also a map for your guidance. Check our new feature - Multiplayer mazes! You have to compete with the other player to reach the endpoint before reaching the other player. So be ready to challenge other players in The Maze Game 3D  

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

yeah its good game but ther is a issue with graphics

1 month ago

save the Alien