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The Race Factory

Known Bugs: Placing start/finish line with the arrow pointing in a direction other than right results in incorrect spawning of cars. Changing music volume isn't working, sometimes the sliders can't go all the way to 10/10 Controls: Arrows/WASD - Control car Space - Fire weapon Features of current build:3 Prebuilt Tracks Track editor 2 Game Modes (Race & Elimination) Support for 1-4 player races and 1-8 players in elimination, local only. Supports Keyboard and Gamepads. Any feedback is welcome and much appreciated, I'm trying to work out what is fun and what isn't. Also reporting any bugs you find would be great. I work alone, and it's hard to judge and test every part of the game well.The Race Factory is made with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer and the ability to create your own race tracks. Taking inspiration from games such as Micro Machines and Blur, and featuring drift physics, weapons to give you the advantage over the competition, and plenty of customization, the aim is to have a fun multiplayer experience, with plenty of variety to keep you entertained Currently the game is a Work In Progress, however the aim is to have a detailed editor allowing you to create your own race tracks, which you can then race on with your friends or against computer-controlled opponents, or a combination of both! Pre-built race tracks will be included with the game, for those of you who don't want to spend the time designing your own. Level sharing will also be available, meaning you can download the best tracks made for the game, and upload your own to be played by the community. There will be a variety of game modes in the game, including circuit racing, elimination, drfit and time trial. The game will be playable 1-8 players locally (Some gamemodes only), or over the internet. Please note that not all features are currently available, as the game is in alpha stage. I'm releasing this now in order to gain as much feedback as possible, in order to create an improved game, as I work alone and it's hard for me to judge how the game is progressing.

Car Driving Mania : highway Prado adventure

Drivers! Are you ready to take up the absolute driving challenge of high racing cars? We present a new car game for you. It’s time to gear up of an ultimate racing adventure which will test your driving skills. Overcome the roads with fast paced stunts and barrel through the highway. Take down the traffic and perform the dynamic stunts.   This car game will challenge the most skilled driving fans of racing globe. Race the high performance cars and burn up the streets with limit breaking speed. Car Driving Mania is a milestone in the generation of advanced racing.   This driving game gives you a golden chance to become a one of the fastest driver across the world. Endless driving is redefined in the shape of car driving mania. Play this game and feel the thrill of light fastening speed on limitless tracks.   How to Play: * Touch the acceleration button to speed up the car. * Touch the brake button to stop the fast moving car. * Touch the left and right button to change the direction.   Game Features: * Highly optimized for all type of devices. * Smooth and realistic controls: tilt and steering. * Addictive gameplay with 3D vivid graphics. * Multiple race tracks are available. * Tons of exciting levels for crazy players. * Free car game for boys, kids and girls. * Free to play without internet connection.   Get this car game and become a one of the fastest driver around the is the link