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Galaxy Wars: Space Attack

Downlaod Link: you ready to save the galaxy?   There is a war going on in Space and you are the only who can save them! Shoot laser beams to defeat all the enemies! Explore new worlds in space! Travel the galaxy to become the hero they need!    New Space Ships! New Galaxy's! New Bosses! New Lasers! Special Physics! Beautiful colors and graphics! Exciting original enemies!   Wondering about this journey? It will be an adventure, filled with excitement, and exploring a beautiful galaxy, Special animations, beautiful obstacles, and a lot of cool spaceships!   So how do you play? Tap to aim and fire your laser!  once you caught an object with that laser, you control its movement, swipe your finger to which direction u want the object to move. All you need to do in order to win, is not to get hit by the obstacles! You can throw objects on each other, create a funny structure, or just throw them away.   The farther you get - The harder it gets! you'll find each level is special and different, each spaceship has its own space, boss and colors!   So why to stay home when you can explore the universe, explore galaxy's, explore space? Why to drive a car when you can fly a spaceship? Why to fight yourself from not playing when you can fight EVIL!   A lot more is about to COME! You think space is so small?  It always keep on expanding! A lot more galaxy's about to be added! And of course what is a galaxy without a new Space Ship?   So go Shoot them and never stop Shooting!   This war is yours!   The world is counting on you!