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Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast

What is Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast? Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast is an endless one touch controlled barrel shooter using the well known mechanic of Donkey Kong's barrel levels spicing it up to whole new game experience. How to play:   Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast is really easy to play. It's all about right timing. Just tap somewhere on the screen to shoot Juicy Jelly from barrel to barrel, but make sure, it does not hit any obstacles inbetween. Catch as much fruits as possible to get more hearts and unlock tasty fruits. As soon as you have gotten the hang of it, try to get 12 consecutive shots before the star effect vanishes. Now you are in juice heaven, each fruit converts to a star and gives bonus juice but also speeds up the game a bit. This is where JJBB gets even more exciting. 35 achievements and 4 leaderboards keep you going to compete with your friends or other players. Features Endless levels with a huge variety of randomized level parts, that adjust to your skill Unlock and collect a number delicious tropical fruits Avoid syrup sucking spike monsters and other dangerous moving obstacles Collect powerful aim helpers for an even better game experience Consume speed up stars to fly as fast as possible Race to the top in up to 4 leaderboards Get free daily heart rewards to help you reach even higher! Wonderful 3D graphics and a crazy soundtrack Supporting iOS GameCenter, Google Play Games Services and Amazon GameCircle Supported languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified)


Are you fast enough for DEUL? DEUL is a fast paced action packed shooting game that will test your reflexes, accuracy and timing. Try to out-draw opponents across the world as you duel your way through China, London, Russia and Brazil. Each victory will earn you points and increase your score, get a higher score to climb up our leaderboards. Sometimes, in between these duels, you'll be thrown into bonus level where you have to shoot bottles as they're hurled towards you. Are you doing well? Winning? Keep playing! The game will get harder as you progress and sooner or later you will find an enemy who is quicker than you. Continue to level up in to unlock new ways in which to win your duels. You can also battle it out in style as your character get new outfits and accessories as you get further in the game. SHARE YOUR DEULSWe've now integrated Everyplay which allows you to record and share your DEULS via our game hub, Facebook & Twitter! Watch, share and compare your funniest moments! COMPETITIONThroughout 2016 every month the player with the highest score in the game will receive a signed limited edition artwork. All you need to do is play the game, using your registered account. Leaderboards will be reset every month. NO FORCED VIDEO ADSWhilst the game is free, we do not force you to watch video adverts, that's completely up to you. You can continue to enjoy the game for free without doing either, but if you do please remember it supports us! CLOUD DATAAll your game progress data is saved to the cloud (statistics, purchases and items for your character). Switch between devices freely in real-time and keep playing.