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Super Tilt Bro. for NES

Super Tilt Bro. for NES is a NES homebrew, featuring a fighting gameplay largely inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series.Status: nearing end of betaPlatforms: NES, Famicom, NES emulatorPrice tag: $0 (ROM download), estimated $30 NES cartridgeFeatures:Intense 2 players versus fighting Can run on actual NES and Famicom Free NES ROM download to play in an emulator Artificial intelligence for 1-player plays 4 stages to select from Please roast my game:As the game is nearing the end of beta, it would be interesting to know how good/bad it is from external point of view. And if there are big flaws that I am not aware of. Feedback can also help figure a target price tag for a version released on cartridge.Here some things to keep an eye on while testing:Are the controls easy to get? Are the controls pleasant? Are the stages good (can you rate it from favorite to worst)? Are graphics acceptable for a NES game? Anything that you would like to change or keep as it is now. Some things I'd like to know about your play session:Were you playing versus AI, versus a friend or both? Were you playing with a keyboard or some retro-gamepad? Did you played Smash Bros or any fangame before? Are you regularly playing actual 8-16bits games? (retro or homebrew) Note that the version 1.0 is nearing end of beta, but I actually plan on working on a 2.0 after that (with an improved engine). So do not hesitate to talk about big changes, there may be good ideas for the future :)

Chibisu's Costume Combat (pre-alpha prototype)

BFIG 2018 Showcase Game!**IMPORTANT** Game is still very early prototype while it's polished for Xbox One and Steam. Game is local multiplayer only at the moment and requires at least two people to play. Xbox 360/One Controllers will allow up to 4 players but using only Keyboard without Xbox controllers only allows 2 players to play. Menus can be navigated without the use of the mouse with both controllers and keyboard **Intro** Chibisu's Costume Combat (C3) is a cute 2D Top-Down costume multiplayer Battle Game!  **Story** You play as Chibisu a tailor's kid who just wants to explore the world in all the clothes and costumes their family makes to help them decide pick their career path. All is not well though. Everyone is supposed to remain in the career they're born into (Chibisu's career being a tailor) so many of the other inhabitants aren't happy and some are even hostile so be careful.  **Current Multiplayer Modes** Classic Death Match - Defeat the most players or be the first to reach the kill goal to win. Tag - Damage your opponents to tag them and use your abilities to avoid being tagged. Choose Between "Last It" (whoever is it at the end loses) and "Least It" (whoever has the least time it wins) (New) King of the Ring - Find and stay in the moving ring. You only get points when you're alone in the ring so keep your opponents out.  First to get to the score goal or who ever has the most points wins.   Social Twitter Facebook Discord  

Hunt 'n Sneak

The multiplayer demo is here, download now!   Gather your friends and prepare to scream! Whether you are hunting or sneaking, you will soon be sitting desperately on the edge of your seat, in this manic game of hide and seek.   Sneak through the caves, and scream in the mansion, as you either escape the clutches of the ravenous Hunter or chase down those pesky Hiders.   As the Hider you will soon realize light is both friend and foe. While it reveals your location, helping you navigate the mysterious worlds of Hunt ‘n Sneak, it will also reveal you to everyone else! So you’d better use it wisely!   When playing as the Hunter, you will be feared by all your friends, nothing is more terrifying than a giant space lobster hunting you down! But be mindful of the time, or soon you’ll be the one running for your life!   So what are you waiting for, grab some friends and let the laughter commence!   A quick note on development: Welcome to the first public demo of Hunt ‘n Sneak, and thank you for checking us out!   If you enjoy the game and would like to support us, we invite you to join our Discord server ( We are building a community so that we can openly discuss suggestions for the game; whether that means new ideas, reporting bugs, or to just talk about games in general.   We have recently released the multiplayer beta! If you have enjoyed the game we would like it if you would post some feedback about the game, you can find a feedback form on our website homepage at the bottom (   Regards, Pixel Engineers Team