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Where The Pets, Are Buried

Where The Pets, Are Buried Is A Horror Game Based From One  Of The Awarded Novels  By Stephen King 'Pet Sematary'. In This Game You Are A Police Man Called 'Louis' And You Will Be Exploring A Pet Cemetery Because People Who Visited This Place, They NEVER Survived! Good Luck _____ABOUT THE GAME_____ WTPAB Is Is A Horror FPS Action Game Which Brings The Main Character Into Paranormal Situations Of Ghosts And Dead Pets,  The First Chapter Is A Small Prototype Of Louis  Visiting This Place, Find Out What Is Happening To That Place, If You Survive.... _____STORY OF CHAPTER ONE_____ You Are A Police Man Called 'Louis' Your Boss Sent You To That Place To Explore What In The Heck Is Happening Because So Many People Who Went There, They Never Returned Alive And If Someone Survived From That Place They Never Talked About That, Like It Never Happened! In Chapter One You Will Explore That Place  To Find Out Some Answers About That Place  And Those Stories People Say About That Cemetery. Good Luck Private Louis, - Sheriff _____STORY OF CHAPTER TWO_____ After The Disappearance Of  Sergeant.Louis His Brother Sergeant.Max Has Sent To Find Him And Find Out What Is Happening To That Semetary, Will He  Manage To Complete His Objective With His Brother? _____STORY OF CHAPTER THREE_____   NOT AVAILABLE YET.     CHECK BACK LATER _____Controls_____ -----MOVEMENT------ WASD KEYBINDS   ------CROUCH------ Press 'C' To Crouch ------JUMP------ SPACE KEYBIND ------WEAPON------ LEFT CLICK TO SHOOT AND RIGHT CLICK TO SCOPE ________MINIMUM________ •OS: WINDOWS 7/8/10 •PROCESSOR : INTEL CORE i3 8100 •GRAPHICS CARD: GeForce GT710 2GB LP- Radeon RX 550 2GB •RAM: 4GB RAM •DirectX: VERSION 11 •STORAGE: LESS THAN 200 MB AVAILABLE SPACE ________RECOMMENDED________ •OS: WINDOWS 7/8/10 •PROCESSOR: INTEL CORE i5-6500 •GRAPHICS CARD: GeForce GTX 1050 3GB-R9 280X 3GB •RAM: 6GB RAM • DirectX: VERSION 11   _____SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR MAC_____ •PROCCESOR: INTEL (64-bit)  CORE I5-6500 OR BETTER (it might run on intel core duo but with not a good experience) •RAM: 2GB RAM OR MORE •STORAGE: LESS THAN 200MB AVAILABLE SPACE •DISPLAY: ANY