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Kakuro Blend Demo V2

Kakuro Blend is exactly like the puzzle, Kakuro, but with colors instead of numbers. Each puzzle contains a grid with initially empty squares and colorful triangles. The goal is to fill the squares to the right or below the triangles, so they mix to create the color within their respective triangles. These puzzles are designed to be difficult, with some mixed colors looking exactly alike but having different answers.      Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface making it extremely simple to play. Simple controls, can be played entirely with a mouse. Also has keyboard shortcuts for most controls/buttons for faster gameplay. Each puzzle has a unique solution, so the player won’t have to work through multiple possible solutions. Progress automatically saves for you. The levels are very difficult, so four helpful features were added so no players would ever get stuck: an error button, a hint button, a pencil mode, and the color lab. Color lab allows the player to mix any and all available colors to see the resulting mixture and compare it to the grid. On top of that, the player can right click anywhere in the game to select a color, that will appear next to the mixture in the color lab to compare.   The full game is available on Steam which includes 40 increasingly challenging levels, from 6×6 to 15×10, and 8 different color palettes that change up the game slightly so the player doesn’t get used to the same mixtures. Kakuro Blend is simple, colorful, and challenging. If you enjoy tough puzzles, this game will satisfy you for hours.   I would love to know what you think of my game and am happy to here any feedback!   Hope you enjoy!