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Retro Rage

A cute rage platformer for Dream Arcade Archive Jam:'s the trailer for the game: can play it for free here: keys to move Left and RightZ key to JumpCoins are worth 20 PointsGems are worth 200 PointsPower Ups are worth 50 PointsThere are 20 Levels total. 10 in world 1, 5 in worlds 2 and 3.The total points for each level are as follows:Level    Points    Points Total1-3            160        1601-5            160        3201-6            940        12601-7            740        20001-8            3900    59001-9            640        65401-10        800        73402-1            480        78202-2            1090    89102-3            680        95902-4            1920    115102-5            1480    129903-2            1090    140803-3            1520    156003-4            4080    196803-5            1520    21200If you walk off a platform without jumping, you can still jump in the air after. This was a mistake, but through play testing we found out that it actually helps make the game a little easier so we left it in as a game mechanic and designed a couple obsticles with that feature in mind. The wallslide does not require you to press the direction toward the wall to keep sliding. It will do it on it's own, and pressing a direction does not remove you from the wall . If no directions are being pressed when jump is pressed, you will perform a dismount. You must be pressing left or right BEFORE jump to get the wall jump properly. Wallsliding replenishes your jumps.There are some difficult parts, however the levels can be beaten.Please leave a comment with at least the following information:1. End Stats: Points, Time, and Deaths2. What was your favorite level?The downloadable version runs more smoothly than the web version.If you enjoyed playing please consider supporting more development by purchasing the downloadable version of the game. If you'd like to support further development, you can download the Windows copy for a measly $2. I'd love to devote much more time to creating more games that inspire others one day to do the same. And don't forget to check out our other games as well.