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Overfeed: Dragon Crisis

ABOUTOverfeed: Dragon Crisis is a simulation game where you pump and inflate the body of Tohru, an extremely famished dragon whom you met by chance.    This encounter has led to a sudden course in your life and forced you to become a dragon tamer to stop the insatiable dragon from eating you.    As a trained dragon breeder, you hold a crucial role in the game. Your goal is to nurture and protect the village by inflating Tohru’s body using different guns that fire various snacks and ensuring she doesn't become a threat to the village.   But beware, Tohru isn’t just your ordinary dragon. She uses different attacks which you must evade in order to survive.   To ensure your victory, sets of different guns, ranging from small to medium to large, are readily available to you. Each gun attacks and hits the dragon differently. Make sure to purchase them in the shop and use other upgradable items to defeat the dragon.    Make sure that your dragon is immensely satiated and be the hero of your town!   The Game Overfeed: Dragon Crisis is a defense-strategy game that solely relies on the player’s shooting ability to feed and inflate the dragon.   Tohru has a unique way of refusing to eat – she simply closes her mouth.  Be alert and fire Tohru directly into her mouth the moment she opens it.   While in battle, free items will be spawned in the game. Catch it to boost your speed and health, or gain a chance at Food Burst.    Tohru has minions that she can summon at any moment. Kill them, as these minions can heal Tohru by allowing her to eat nutritious foods.    • WASD for movements • RMB/ Spacebar for shooting  • Release the Spacebar to activate Shield • Upgrade Weapons and Dragon in the shop Features • Up to six (6) various dragon body type • Upgradable Weapons and Dragons  • Money System • Reward SystemLinks:, Patreon, Discord, Twitter

PolyGuild Adventurers

Discord:   PC Verison Here ===> PcVerison Graphics are no different then the quest 2 and quest 3 ill change all that at  a later date.   Explore "PolyGuild Adventurers," an early access multiplayer VR RPG where offline and online play unite. Dive into a small open-world, offering crafting, quests, and limitless adventure.   Craft your path: Gather resources from cutting trees, collecting herbs, mining, and skinning animals. Use these materials to craft weapons, armor, and accessories tailored to your crafting skills.   Adventure awaits: Join the Adventurer's Guild, tackle challenging quests, battle bandits, and uncover hidden treasures in the open world. Explore the vast map and embark on an epic journey.   Companions by your side: Experience the joy of companionship with loyal pets. Engage in battles, level up your pets, and unlock new companions as you progress.   Powerful perks: Ascend to new strengths with a limitless perk system. Gain random perks upon leveling up, enhancing your character's abilities without limits.   Conquer dungeons: Face fearsome bosses in challenging dungeons, earn valuable rewards, and unearth hidden treasures that could change your destiny.   Diverse gameplay: Choose from three modes—Wave Survival, Infinite Dungeon, or Adventure mode—to shape your unique adventure. Survive, conquer, or explore at your own pace.   PolyGuild Adventurers beckons you to a VR RPG experience like no other. Unleash your potential, forge your destiny, and become the ultimate adventurer in this captivating world. The choice is yours.