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Dockers: Move Blocks

Dockers: Moving Blocks merges puzzle and arcade elements in a dynamic indie-game where your goal is to help a dockworker move and dispatch cargo boxes. Your objective is to dodge falling blocks, then stack them. Once you complete a line, it disappears and you score points. Along the way, the hero will get bonuses, avoid hazards like fire, rain, and mob shootouts, flee a corrupt cop, rescue the cargo from a cunning thief and much, much more. Avoid certain doom by taking advantage of loot drops: for example, catch wire cutters to beat the dreaded barbed wire, or a helmet to protect your noggin from the inspector’s baton. The game is full of events and challenges that combine the logic of Tetris with the action of Super Mario Brothers. The gameplay is styled after the classic and dynamic mechanics of the legendary Stack Attack for Siemens mobile phones, which only adds to the 90s nostalgia! Dockers: Moving Blocks boasts colorful modern graphics and a spectacular soundtrack that mixes dark noir sounds and lively cowboy motifs. Features: Endless gameplay; Choose between «day» (gentle) and «night» (dangerous) game modes; Enjoy the full gaming experience for free; Crank up the excitement with premium options; Multi-genre: the game combines elements of Tetris, block puzzle and arcade with the exciting mechanics of Stack Attack.   Fans of hit «moving blocks» puzzles like Wooden blocks, Hexa puzzles, Falling blocks, Tetris or Stack attack, are sure to love Dockers: Moving Blocks.