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The Isekai game: Episode Vanessa

SUMMARY The Isekai Game, a sport where players compete in battle throughout wondrous lands for fame, wealth, and glory.  Cringy magical girl Vanessa has always dreamt becoming a professional player, but held back by her own fears and insecurities.  After receiving an invite from an amateur stadium, she built up the courage to pursue her passion. She joined a team and began training for the upcoming June Event where she'll be evaluated for pro status.  That is until a creepy stalker arrives to shatter her reality.  Rated 18+ due to nudity and suggestive themes.      TIPS/Tricks NOT an easy game.This is not a typical "do a lot of damage to beat the enemy" game. Various skills will have unique effects. I highly recommend poisoning, paralyzing, placing your enemies under illusions to beat CH1. Armors have various uses. Example, light armor (especially Gis) have high evasion. Likewise, Med Bags (accessory) will give access to healing capabilities in non-magical themes such as CH2.   Playtime:4-12 hours     Developer's Note: Hi, this is my first (Sample) game. It's to my webnovel series "The Isekai Game" on It took me almost a year to make. But I'm happy to say that it is functional and captures the vision of my series pretty well.  With this, I hope to gain reviews to hard launch at the end of this year (After a finalized version) and gain investors so that I can start an official game series to the story.  All feedback is welcome. Let me know how I can be better.  Follow me on Instagram @The_Isekai_Game  Download file, extract, play html.