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Chromancy - Impossible Unique Pixel Game Adventure

Chromancy is a shoot 'em up game that tests your wits and reflexes at the same time. Using the ability to change color between red, green and blue - you will face enemies, dodge obstacles, solve puzzles and fight bosses through 50 fun and challenging levels. Can you master the power of RGB and beat this game? Can you be the ultimate winner and overcome all of the challenging levels? Chromancy features multiple levels where the player will navigate through a variety of obstacles such as spikes and lasers, solve puzzles and defeat enemies using the color switching mechanic. There are also 5 bosses which will put the player's skills to the test. Guide your player over spikes and obstacles to get to the end of the level. Sounds easy? Think again. Any mistake results in instant death!How To Play:The color you switch to determines the color of the bullet you shoot and also the color of enemy projectiles and obstacles you can absorb or pass through respectively. For example, while the player is red, you can shoot red bullets and absorb red enemy projectiles or pass through red obstacles. Likewise, enemies are only affected by bullets that are of different color to them (e.g. red enemies can only be harmed by green or blue bullets).Features- Over 50 different level experiences with their own challenges! - Challenging levels that just gets harder each time! - Color-changing mechanics to test your reflexes. - Casual and quick play sessions, for busy gamers.This super-addictive and very difficult shoot 'em up game will push your gaming skills to the limit. You won't survive.

Carnival of Gods: Oppression

Lead three representatives of the free races on behalf of your gods, gain experience and level them up to increase their strength; equip them with different spells, skills, talents and more to overcome the Tyrant's forces, wield potent weapons and arcane powers, explore dungeons and fight in this mix between Turn Based and Real Time semi-idle RPG.In a titanic war between the seven deities of Aeriasiil, six of them opposed their brother's will to enslave the free races of the world. During the clash they managed to destroy his Divine Weapon thus weakening him enough to imprison him in a place beyond space called Limbo, where his power would be further weakened by the arcane power of the place. The gods, creatures of immense power, suffer more from the harmful effects of Limbo than the free races of the world, so they would not be able to stop the rise of their imprisoned brother while they have to protect themselves from his acolytes and the influence of Limbo. Three heroes are called to become their Champions, crossing one of the portals they will have to prevent the return of the Tyrant fighting him and his servants. Success will allow them to return safely to their world, Aeriasiil, proving their worth thus ensuring peace and serenity in the years to come. Failure, however, will throw the whole world into a deep darkness in which the Tyrant will carry out his revenge: subject the free races to his will, absorb all the magical power out of the world and finally annihilate his brothers and reign as the sole ruler. Become the Champions of the Gods, fight for your people, defend your world, without your efforts everything will be lost.