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Simopoly is a city builder strategic game. You must build different business buildings to accumulate specific sum of money. Choose one of two biomes, start building and discover the fastest way to become a millionaire.    IN GAME MENU: Pressing in game menu button allows you to see options for opening in game tutorial, theory window, lighting strike option, yearly report card and detailed descriptions of all the business buildings. DESTRUCTION: Destruction could be fun sometimes. If you just want indulge in your primal nature, choose lightning option and just go for it, let the city burn! BIOMES: Choose one of two biomes and start building your business empire. Biomes not only have different esthetics, but also unique special events and building mechanics.  OPTIONS: From Options menu you can adjust game length, special events frequency and starting wealth for your best gameplay experience TIME CONTROL: Tired of waiting for funds to accumulate? You can always increase the speed of time flow by ×2 or ×4 by pressing blue button next to your cash bar. SPECIAL EVENTS: Life sometimes can be unpredictable. From time-to-time special events will appear. Just like in life some are beneficial and some are... Let’s say opportunities to learn. EASTER EGGS: Want to find something unique and unpredictable? There are several easter eggs hidden inside the gameplay of this fun financial venture. Can you find them?   Website: Shortcuts: Q - back to menu, M - mute music, Right click - hand cursor for dragging map. Middle mouse button - lightning strike.