You Think You Are Different?


We are two first year university games design students, this game was based upon the Survival Shooter assets from the Unity store as part of an assignment.

This game represents a creepy journey reminiscient of an acid trip of a small fellow trying to escape a laboratory aiming to create genetic perfection.

Game has a somewhat lengthy load time on clicking Begin but the game will load eventually.

We hope you enjoy our work in progress video game.

- Game has no victory screen if you win, game just remains static. We are aware.
- Broken navigation on far right of map of main level.
- Two spawn points are broken on main level.
- Sometimes the gates won't work. We are also aware.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any psychotic fits induced by the overexposure to vaporwave.


UnarmedLad 6 years ago

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I like what this game is going for. Especially the "funky nightmare" aesthetic works well, and is supported well by the graphics and music.

I haven't yet finished the game, but it was fun until now. You walk around in your pajamas, finding your way through a maze of toys while shooting the toy bunnies that attack you. This is well done, only sometimes it can be hard to see where you'll shoot. Sometimes you'll die because you're misfiring a lot, which can be frustrating. The game is in an unfinished state, but I can really see this work when completed and polished a bit.

Since this was for an assignment, it seems like this project is abandoned, but I'd like to see how the devs would finish this, or else what they might be working on now.
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