Watermelon 4096: Shikaku Suika


Square Watermelon also know as shikaku suika is considered to be a delicacy in japan. With this square watermelon Merge Challenge addictive puzzle & decompression game you merge square Japanese square fruits to create a giant watermelon cube!

This is a simple to play but difficult to master fruit drop game. Simply drag and drop the japanese expensive delicacies, the cube fruits like grapes, apples, citrus, kaki, pears onto each other to merge them into another cube fruit. When you match & merge two identical fruits of the same kind, you will create & unlock a larger fruit. The goal of the game is to merge all of the expensive japanese square fruits to create amazing transformations till you reach the largest & most expensive watermelon shikaku suika.

As you progress through the game, the levels will become more challenging. You will encounter different types of square fruits, each with its own unique abilities. You will also have to deal with obstacles that can make it difficult to match & merge the fruits.

But don't worry, there are also power-ups that can help you on your journey. You can use power-ups to remove obstacles, merge fruits faster, and even create giant watermelons instantly!

Shikaku suika Watermelon Merge Challenge is a fun drop frenzy and challenging fruit mix game. It is actually a mathemtics problem solving mapped with fruits in which you will figure out that you are merging multiples of 2 to reach 4096, it looks simple but be a tough thing, involving probability & problem solving with fun the perfect game to play when you are looking for a quick and easy way to relax and de-stress along with some fun brain training.

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