Utter Hell alpha build


A tough-as-balls platformer where you can jump too much.

Depending on the unique challenge of each level, you'll have a different amount of midair jumps you can use. Double jump! Triple jump! Quadruple jump! When does this madness end?

This is the alpha build of the game, so there are only 12 short levels. I've been developing this as a hobby since last November.

It would be useful to know:

1) Did it look right on your monitor? Was any of the text overlapping or too big (or even too small)?

2) Was it off-puttingly difficult? Despite the game's title, the first few levels still need to be approachable. You are supposed to die a lot, but the levels are also very short, so don't measure your potential struggle with it in deaths, but rather in time taken or progress made.

3) Did you feel like you understood all of your movement options and when to apply them? Did you understand everything by the end? How could they have been explained or demonstrated better?



bmegana 1 year ago

Controls Animation
1) None of the text was overlapping and was just the right size.
2) This may be a little biased since I'm making a challenging platformer of my own, but it didn't seem off-puttingly difficult. I did die a few times, but the short length of each level helped to alleviate any frustration I had.
3) I felt like I understood all of my movement options and when to apply them. As for how my options could've been explained better, it's usually better to teach the player through the level design and with as little text as possible. However, in this case, since the text is coming from a 4th wall breaking character, keeping the text as is may be better.

Outside those three points, the only other thing I'd say is that I'd like for the screen shake to be toned down a little, but that's just me.

PatrickNorton 1 year ago

Thanks. I can play yours later today.
Roast Em

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