Unicorn Family Simulator 2 - Magic Horse Adventure


Become a magic horse and explore the wild magic big world with across lovely landscapes and fight for survival in the game Unicorn Family Simulator 2-Magic Horse Adventure!

Welcome to the wild forest adventure, magical horse! 
Live like a Unicorn! Level­ up your horse to improve survival skills from dangerous enemies like undeads and wolves ! Brrr...
Complete survival missions and funny quests. Explore magic places and listen different sounds every animal. 
You and your horse will have fun in the animal survival simulator in the Unicorn Family Simulator 2-Magic Horse Adventure!
Have fun, lovers of unicorns!

First Release!

New Unicorns

New Skins

New Skills


NightZardProductions 3 weeks ago

This game was quite boring and needs a ton of work doing to it, but that's not to say that there is much potential here! I think the controls need a lot of work done to them, controlling the unicorn with the joystick on-screen feels really weird, this game really isn't designed for being played on a phone. I think I would have enjoyed the experience more if I could have downloaded and played the game on my computer. The graphics are horrendous, not the Unicorn (they look great!), I mean the world, the environment, it's so bland and uninteresting to look at, I think you need to spend more time on this. Also, the art style inconsistent, why are the unicorns low poly and some of the enemies use voxel art? I was looking forward to playing this game but was a bit let down. But don't take this the wrong way! I'm not trying to just shit all over your game and be a dick, I'm just telling you the issues so that you can make this a better game , and that's what this site is all about, giving helpful feedback :D.
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