TNT Highway


Navigate the TNT Highway and avoid the high explosives at all costs. Be SafeCan you navigate your cars down the TNT Highway?   Simply avoid the oncoming explosive boxes to get the furthest distance you can.   Tap either side of the screen to move each car into the other lane.   Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can get the top of the leader board   Collect mystery boxes along the way, but be careful some can do more harm than good.   Be safe and get driving.


daffyfig33 2 years ago

UI Graphics Level Design
Cool take on the existing car dodge game. It kindof reminds me of Crossy Road except from the perspective of the car.

Here's my feedback:
- The menu is really cool and unique, I like how you take advantage of the 3D aspect of the game.
- The gameplay looks really smooth.
- I like the crash animation at the end.

- There could be more visual elements on the side of the road like trees, bushes, parked cars, maybe even some animals.
- You could probably take some color queues from Crossy Road or other similar colorful 3D voxel games.

OmnipotentPotato 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The double car mechanic is pretty cool and makes it somewhat hectic, although I wish there was something more to the game mechanically to make it more interesting, (3 lanes per side maybe? i dunno).

The graphics are really meh. Mostly the one thing that screams it is the sky, the grey color looks really bad, make it blue. The grass needs something too like daffyfig said: bushes, trees, or at least a texture of some kind instead of plain green.

NewDev 1 year ago

Level Design Animation
Game play is good . one aspect would benefit from from some changes , when changing lane , i would be great i you could make the front wheels turn a bit , and the car to rotate a few degrees in the direction of movement. Other than this it;s great fun!

SilentKiller 11 months ago

Once again make it playable on computer by using a freaking link

Monsterfingergames 7 months ago

Game Graphics
Downloaded this after watching the video, I didn't realise you had to control both cars.
Unfortunately this mechanic made me not enjoy it at all.

Graphics had a cool look and I wish you look but the game is not for me.
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