A short horror spooky game. In 2009, There was a woman in this house. But suddenly she died mysteriously. She has two little children. After her death, her children have also died mysteriously like their mother and several rings have gone missing from nearby houses. And no one who has visited this house has returned. your task:-find 8 rings in this house and escape from this house. (This is  a demo version) ---For attention--- *! Loud sounds are used in this game. So please give your attention on it ! Please Give your feedback to improve this game. rate this game. and also Follow us to get game updates and more games.   **Don't forget to a write comment about this game  

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>We hope to add new creepy things to this game.
>Please give your feedback to improve this game.


StudioAtoF 1 year ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Hi Bro!
I love the graphic style, it is simple but still thrives as a spooooky game. It's a good scare (i'm a scaredy cat) and it's a nice goal. But try pushing the story more, this could make the player feel more when they actually encounter it.

Good Luck Bro!

StudioAtoF 1 year ago

Im taking this from the trailer so you know.

neontek 1 year ago

We will fix those bugs in next update.
you can folllow us on :-https://nethgame.itch.io/
official website:-https://nethgame.netlify.app/

neontek 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your feedback .I will hope you enjoy this game
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