An adventure into the Dark Abyss,

  Find your purpose in this strange world, consume and evolve into your ultimate form.

  There are strange creatures all around that will try to either kill you or aid you in your journey, each with their own reasons and motivations.

  Collect the knowledge you find in the path and look around for the essence that let you grow.

  There are 3 possible endings in this adventure, that are determined by the essence of your actions.

  Evolve into 16 different forms and unlock the power within you.

  Also you must remember one more thing, remember that every where you go, you'll find there has been a poet before you.

While in the game, each start continues from the past life, unless you quit the game in which case it will be all gone.  

Move and attack with your mouse only.

- Added a tutorial level
- new informative icon in the pause menu
- bug fixes

- bug fixes


InfernoKraftz 9 months ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve
they suck fjls jlsjf lsjlf l sljfl lfjsljlf

vladyslu 9 months ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I love everything. however, I could not figure out what to do. It would be cool to make some tutorial level.
I made a video how I played it.
I made my own small video game and someone made a video playing it. I enjoyed watching it, so I wanted to make such videos for other people who make such games themselves.
You can check it out here:

vladyslu 9 months ago

Sorry. Video lagged. I will rerecord the video.

vladyslu 9 months ago

The video will be in 5 minutes here:
Roast Em