The Prabbits: Air Dogfight


You are a prabbit (mix of rabbit and parrot) that needs proving it is the best pilot in its class by winning a last man standing tournament. Beware your ammunition and the perm death bombs!

The rules are:

1) you need to win 5 rounds to win a tournament
2) to be killed by a perm death bomb eliminate you from the tournament

Hence, even if you have no victories, you can still make a twist and win the tournament by using successfully a bomb.


Using a XBOX360 controllers, the controls are:

- Left/right to turn anti-clockwise/clockwise, respectively
- A to shoot a bullet
- B to shoot a bomb
- X to buy bullets
- Y to buy a bomb

Using a keyboard, you can play up to 2 players locally:

- A/D or left/right arrows to turn anti-clockwise/clockwise, respectively
- C or ' to shoot a bullet
- V or ; to shoot a bomb
- B or L to buy bullets
- N or K to buy a bomb

First playable version with 3 levels to try:

  • Infinite Sky: Nothing to worry about in this level except from your opponents'bullets.
  • Countryside Afternoon: You will need to avoid crashing with the ground and you will explode if you stay off screen for too long.
  • Cloudy Aurora: Beware the clouds! Automatic avoidance of other players won't work inside them.

- New game modes:

  • the Rabbit Hunt: only the player with the rabbit totem is vulnerable; get rid of the totem as quick as possible and throw it to another player!  
- New levels coming:
  • Weighs Like a Lid: the top and bottom clouds of the level are slowly moving to the center. Stay too long in the clouds and you explode
  • Vertical Skill: the level allows only vertical screen wrapping
  • Monster in A Cage: watch your stray bullets, for if the cage breaks, everybody will be in trouble!
  • and more...
- Adding Create/Join Room Menu 
- Improvement in UI
- an more!


Weak_Tray_Games 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I liked how the planes would tilt and flip based on how they were turning.
The gameplay itself seemed a little lacking to me. For the most part the game is a simple plane combat game, and the addition of purchasing ammo just felt weird to me.
best of luck in your game creation endeavors.
Roast Em