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Hello, and welcome to the Oeuvre!

Every time you die in this simple platformer, you unlock an accessibility feature: slower game speed, easier level design, lower gravity, etc.

However, if you manage to beat a level in under the given death count, you unlock a PERMANENT movement ability. This goes from simple coyote time to advanced Whirlwind Maneuvers and Fall Stops.

Finally, if you beat the clock in any given level, you unlock a new palette to use! How cool is that?!?!

You can also deactivate helping abilities or movement abilities, make all unlocked from the start or choose when to increase your death count.


baxzxd6 7 months ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I really like the slime particles and controls. Maybe instead of decreasing difficulty after one death, make it a few

ZbyszekKielbasa 7 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
Love the simple graphics, but thanks to that ala 3D effect I couldn't at first glance tell where the hitbox of a spike is, what resulted in dying few times and that was rather frustrating. Maybe shift the color of the spike or of the 3D effect so that it's easier to tell where the actual hitbox is.

Wallslide in my opinion was rather a annoyance than a useful tool. Didn't use walljump more than twice. Superjump most of the time wouldn't activate. Moveset feels like it was made for something like metoridvania not a precision based platformer. Maps are just too small to make full use of the abilities.

Music, I mean you can't go wrong with jazz.

In my opinion, after dying once there was too big of a change in difficulty. And you don't even get a mustache after beating the game.

In conclusion, pretty solid start, with more levels and ability to customize the cube guy thing, it could be pretty interesting to play.


ZbyszekKielbasa 7 months ago

Oh yeah, and add more level mechanics, spikes and one way platforms can't carry the game by themselves

milobrandt 7 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I love the ambiance of this game - I feel like the graphics are quite clear in communicating what the player needs to know, but still quite classy and with lots of nice little touches. The music fits in quite nicely too.

As others have said, I agree that decreasing the difficulty after the first death is a bit harsh - it kind of felt like I didn't get a chance to really try out some levels because of that. I'd also like to see more different kinds of difficulty - it mostly seemed to do with jumping precisely, which could sometimes be a bit tricky (I think, in part, because the square has a fair bit of momentum/sliding - maybe there's some room to tighten up the controls; I'm not precisely sure what felt odd, but something did). I wouldn't mind other kinds of challenge - maybe to do more with timing (e.g. if platforms appeared/disappeared or moved), especially since that might make going fast (as the time goals want) a bit more interesting than just doing something, uh, faster.

Another thing I wonder about is if not succeeding could have a more interesting consequence - I could imagine, for instance, the mechanics of this game working really well if the levels were designed to be significantly different depending on unlocked abilities - and maybe even allowing players to progress to a different exit given enough ability. This might be a bit removed from the game as it exists, but could be an interesting way to expand it into a longer game if that's a goal.
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