The Infection of Salinco Valley


My first game! Try to push back a deadly infection and the monsters it creates with the help of your mentor. Multiple weapons, bosses, and story beats for you to experience.


NightZardProductions 4 years ago

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This game is bad. I played a little bit of it but found it really boring. I do like the game's graphics. The fighting in this game is really bad, especially when I'm using the sword. I see potential in this game, but it needs alot more work done to it.

jdib 4 years ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
It looks nice from the picture

AceOfAces 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
This game really needs a lot of work. I haven't completed the game, but I dropped just a few minutes. The only positive that I can give is that the graphics are nice. The game goes downhill as soon as you start playing, however.

First, the controls are a bit uncomfortable. Shift to dash, Space to attack, Z to heal and E to use a magic spell. All of the controls (including movement) is crammed to the left side of the keyboard, making the controls feel cramped. It would help to spread the buttons out a bit (putting attack, heal and magic over to J, K and L keys for example) so it's more comfortable. The gameplay is... well... if you took Dark Souls' gameplay, remove the strategy and make it quite laggy. Not only the attacks lack a punch (as in it lacks the oomph to make it satisfying), the sword's a bit unresponsive to use. And since there aren't any sound effects to show that you did indeed dealt some damage, it can make it look like that you didn't hit the enemy. The enemies also lack variety (at least, from the small time I've played). All of them charge at the player. It would have helped if there was variety. Say... an enemy shoots at the player. The game also captured the annoying part of Dark Souls. That is that you are too weak, pretty much ready to die in a few hits. This is especially cheap since one enemy can rush attack you and deal a lot of damage (which also caused a bug when switching to a different map). The gameplay overall is a big letdown, lacking anything unique.
Lastly, the programming is shoddy. Saving doesn't work properly, there's no option to respawn to a safe area (a feature of Dark Souls as well) and graphical bugs on the pause menu.

All in all, the game, in its current state, is broken, boring and disappointing. It could have worked if the dev put more effort into it and polish the gameplay. You had the recipe, you could find the ingredients that would make it unique but the execution went to the gutter. I do hope that you get back to it and give it the tender loving care it needs. Good luck with your projects.
Roast Em