The Healers of Kindred


You play as KindredVegas, a streamer who wakes up in a game. Thinking he is just streaming. He plays the game.


rechronicle 2 years ago

Level Design
My roast fuel for version 0.0.1:
- The game begins, why am suddenly in the forest? What's the story?
- Panda Sword, Panda Potion, Panda Shield, Pand... wait a minute, why there are so many pandas?!
- What boss, wait, what!? *Strange person join the party*
- 3 steps, battle emerges, 5 steps, battle emerge! (Encounter rate too high for such a big map, super hard to explore further.)

Other than that, I like the powerful heal to reset the battle.

If you have time, please roast my game:

Thank you and good luck on developing the streamer boy, Kindred Vegas!


GamEsnitzhel 2 years ago

I am working on a better story, probably going to remake the game in RPG Maker MV so i can have more maps and stuff.

Encounter rate will be lower
KindredVegas likes pandas


GamEsnitzhel 2 years ago

the strange person will be better when I rebuild the game

Roast Em


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