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This Is The Best Exploring Game Ever

Added Better Texuture

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riKolska 2 years ago

Animation Controls
The game has pretty good and consistent animation of the character, but everything else requires works on.
The camera movement would be appropriate for racing games, or when the character speeds up, but for exploration game it is important to clearly see your surroundings
Controls are off as well, it is very odd and uncomfortable and inconsistent as movement forward is "w" key and for everything else you have to use arrows.
Everything else doesn't even need comments as it is clear that all other elements are not developed at all.

cuttinged 1 year ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
I walked around for a while aimlessly. I would suggest there are some indications for direction. I then walked off the scene and was left in the sunset with no way back. It would be good to have boundaries and more indication of what to do or where to go. Grass, mountains, snow looked fine. You could add water in the blue parts. I also got stuck a few times but that was on steep slopes. Just need to add a game to your terrain.

thepowerlies 2 weeks ago

Level Design
It was a pretty confusing adventure
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