Super Tilt Bro. for NES


Super Tilt Bro. for NES is a NES homebrew, featuring a fighting gameplay largely inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series.

Status: nearing end of beta
Platforms: NES, Famicom, NES emulator
Price tag: $0 (ROM download), estimated $30 NES cartridge


  • Intense 2 players versus fighting
  • Can run on actual NES and Famicom
  • Free NES ROM download to play in an emulator
  • Artificial intelligence for 1-player plays
  • 4 stages to select from
Please roast my game:

As the game is nearing the end of beta, it would be interesting to know how good/bad it is from external point of view. And if there are big flaws that I am not aware of. Feedback can also help figure a target price tag for a version released on cartridge.

Here some things to keep an eye on while testing:
  • Are the controls easy to get?
  • Are the controls pleasant?
  • Are the stages good (can you rate it from favorite to worst)?
  • Are graphics acceptable for a NES game?
  • Anything that you would like to change or keep as it is now.
Some things I'd like to know about your play session:
  • Were you playing versus AI, versus a friend or both?
  • Were you playing with a keyboard or some retro-gamepad?
  • Did you played Smash Bros or any fangame before?
  • Are you regularly playing actual 8-16bits games? (retro or homebrew)

Note that the version 1.0 is nearing end of beta, but I actually plan on working on a 2.0 after that (with an improved engine). So do not hesitate to talk about big changes, there may be good ideas for the future :)


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