Space Switch


Mobile game released on Google Play. Been released for a while and have updated it a lot recently. Am looking for suggestions and criticism to improve upon the game.

Google Play Link to play:

Added a bonus event!!! What happens when you hit the UFO???

Lots more ships to buy


Funplox 10 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
The game is intuitive and easy to get started with, but the graphics are pretty terrible: not good enough to be realistic nor pass for stylized art. The collision seem to work only between the body (center part) of the ship and that's weird. I would suggest to make the ship move by blocks, although you can make a smooth, snappy animation.

You need more mechanics to keep the game entertaining for more than 3-5 minutes, a lot of people might download the game and delete after a couple of minutes. Make some blocks special. Allow more than one block of the needed color in the beginning to ease in the player and let him/her be more invested in the game.

Provide feedback for a successful match! But not by sound, maybe a light effect on the ship, maybe a "+1" floating message or something. Also make sure the unsuccessful match gives some feedback too (vibration on mobile can work).

You can upgrade your game amateurish to really well made just by polishing the details, make sure the controls are really smooth, easy-to-use and provides satisfaction. Hard-to-use controls are frustrating.

The game is really on a "prototype" level, as far as I would rate it, but you can make it better!

VolcanicPig 10 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!
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