Slimey -- Top-down, Pixelated Arcade Shooter


This is Slimey, a brand new game of mine. Slimey is a pixelated arcade top-down shooter game where you face randomised waves of enemies (currently only 1 type) to gather coins. You will then go to the store to buy ammo, potions, and cosmetics that will give you buffs (currently only 1, the Top Hat, which increases movement speed). You will buy upgrades to your gun to make your job of killing the enemies easier. At the end, you will get a score, and can start again to try to beat that score.

Currently, the game is in an early release. It will be actively updated and the final version will cost money.

You can download it for free on

 - New Enemy
 - Particle Effects Added

Better Graphics
More Enemies
More Items
More Upgrades
More Guns


LMGameDev 10 months ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Loved the game style so adding news enemies like a big boss that can shoot you too would be awesome and maybe s rainbow enimie that gives you more coins or ammo.
Also the ammo ends very fast, when you are in the wave 4 or more so adding a way to get ammo during the wave would help a lot
Futhermore, maybe decreasing the effects volume would be good too I just got a huge jump scary when launched it for the first time.

JamzDEV 10 months ago

Thanks for the advice! I thought the sound was a bit loud too, so I'll see about turning that down. I will definitely add more ways to get ammo and more enemies into the game because that would be great. :) Thanks for the advice, Jamie.

JamzDEV 10 months ago

Also, if you're interested, I just uploaded a new build which features a new enemy and particle effects. Thanks!

LMGameDev 10 months ago

Gonna check it!! I saw the devlog on itchio haha
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