Reptilian Wrestle


A Game Boy inspired Metroidvania game! Explore different environments as a small green lizard, find new upgrades, and defeat bosses. I'd like to hear your feedback on it!

Music loops have been made more smooth, and the disappearing block section now features indicators. Sound settings were also made more reliable.

Better difficulty balancing and a save system are planned for future versions.


Random_Person_21 1 year ago

looks like a good game very oldy i like it.

neontek 1 year ago

Mechanics Level Design
Simple. but fun to play. good luck for future works

PiMage 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I've played this up to a point where I have the ability to dash and jump with it and I can tell this really looks good. It's so simple in design that it's just enough. Even the metroidvania aspect is simple, down to its basics. The only things that I don't like here is how there's no way to save the game and pressing the escape button exits the game without asking for the player's input to make sure that they indeed want to leave. Like, I made so much progress beating the first boss and wanted to pause for a toilet break but -poof- the game exits and all my progress is gone. I wanna suggest putting in a save and load mechanic whenever a player reach a checkpoint and a UI pop-up that asks if the user wants to exit. Aside from these, I really think this is a good simple game. Thumbs up for ya!

sugarcanefarmer 1 year ago

Level Design UI Graphics
Here's some notes I took while playing:

- When you export songs, set it to "Wrap remainder" in whatever program you made it in, the song looping is very obvious
- I like when you added "(Maybe should have been possible earlier)" when I got the roll-jump, personal touches like that are based
- song 2 is cool, good instruments
- at one point I hit escape to see if there was a menu, but it just closed the game. A confirmation to close would be nice
- I would add some coyote time to the jumps (make it so you can jump a few frames after walking off an edge, alot of games add this cause it feels good)
- Jumpdashing looks and feels awesome
- The two king bosses should drop bullets below them too maybe, it's a bit simple as is, having something else to dodge would be fun
- Trials of the Fly were difficult, but not too hard. Reminds me of Blighttown from Dark Souls 1, I was glad to escape
- Going back through areas can be just as hard, I like how some areas have two different challenges based on what way you are going
- Some music at the end game would have been nice, I thought you were doing an epic build up with the silence but there was nothing...

Overall I had a fun time, beat the whole thing

vincentpenning 1 year ago

Game Graphics Animation
Love the retro graphic style! I do think the animation needs some work though - the wooden movement distracts a bit from the overall experience.
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