An incremental game about probability manipulation, cards, and rolling ridiculous amounts of dice.

You play by rolling 1000-sided dice, and attack your opponent only on certain rolls. But this is no mere game of chance: you will be offered a customizable deck of cards that you can use to tip the scales in your favor.

  • Fully customizable deck of cards
  • Cards generated procedurally, with effects such as increasing your number of dice, forcing or forbidding certain rolls, or even altering the number of sides on the dice
  • Enemies generated by combining multiple random parts, resulting in a wide variety of possible combinations with different attributes, abilities and appearance
  • Incremental progression. Your first enemies will have under a hundred health, but before you realize it you will be facing foes with a trillion health that require a quadrillion dice to take down
  • Endless number of enemies of increasing difficulty to defeat. What is the highest rank you can reach?
Any feedback appreciated.

Anyway, thanks for your time. Cheers.

  • Everything else
  • More enemy variety
  • New card types
  • Balance


FourSevenSeven 1 year ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve

I understood almost nothing. I just clicked on the cards with colored numbers and something is happened. No idea how it's worked.

So I think you need to work on tutorial (not just bunch of text on the screen, but adaptive and visual tutorial), work more on visualization of cards and effects. On the end of round I have around 500 numbers with highlighting, but in the beginning of the round all my steps don't give a damage to robot.

The only thing I understood was the robot phrases :)


JustACicada 1 year ago

Thanks for trying it out!

Yes, an interactive tutorial is definitely in my list of priorities. The game is already weird enough as it is, and walls of text aren't exactly the best of teachers. Making the effects of the cards more visual would also help for sure.

Still, thanks for the feedback!

Keanu246 1 year ago

Game Graphics Animation
Get more number like Million or Billion and make it better

OkuloZone 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation
My favorite aspect is the gameplay itself. I like the idea for the game, but it needs some improvements. Players, unfortunately, don't want to read so much and there is too much text in a tutorial. Try to make the game more understandable at the beginning and after that, try to improve the look of the game.
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