Pokemon C.R.E.A.M.


Join the Negro Ketchum in his quest to get rich quick and pay the bills for his family. Dive into the mansion of the ever mysterious The Ascended One and take on the dreaded Ebola Challenge. Defeat The Ascended One and his four Ebola Warriors and claim victory. In this world MONEY IS EVERYTHING.


  • Pokemon Selling and Buying
  • Silly story
  • Negro Ketchum

More Ebola Warriors and dungeons


FlorianMarcher 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics
Really nice game, I love the humor.

But I had some problems with the game:
I downloaded the game on the itch desktop app and when I press play, it starts the Editor.exe and not the Game.exe. That was confusing, I had to go into the folder and start the Game.exe manually.
Make sure to have an option to upscale the resolution. Playing on a 5x5cm window is not great
*I later saw that you can change the screen in the settings, a bit more flexibility would be nice tho
When I start the Game, the first message I get is that I dont have the needed font and it will use a default font even though the font is in the Gamefolder. Maybe a path is not correct.
Make it possible to skip dialog (like in real pokemon ^^)
The controls could be improved (shift for sprint, esc for exit, e for confirm, why do you use F5?, the arrow symbols are reversed and for the love of god, let me use WASD)
Hope that helps :)

BlackMambaJesus 3 years ago

Thanks so much for playing and the feedback. It is extremely helpful. I will definitely be looking into all the things that you noted here. You also taught me that has a desktop app
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