Pinky : Word Search Story


If you are too bored with word game classic this game is for you.

Simple but addictive Word Search Story will bring you new experiences.

Play the Word Search Story and guess the hidden word.

With awesome graphics and realistic sound effects, Word Search Story has never been this cool!

Play and Have fun!

- The energy system has been added to bring more interesting experiences

- Now you can see the achieved items by going to Bag.

- Fix bugs and improve performance


Advenworks 11 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Your game is easy to understand.
I like the fact there is like a "story", which adds a nice added-value to the game. Nice graphics.

I would suggest to change the princess' face animation when you are right, because I had the impression I was wrong. You have the impression she suffers.
And make letters you have ti fill in bigger, in order to see it better.

the_crow 11 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
the princess sounds are too repetitive, you need to add more variation to the sounds

digoben 6 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I couldn't find it in the App Store and provided link doesn't work for me either, so this is based only on the trailer and screenshots.
Nice variation on hangman game. Nice graphics. Animation of princess' expressions during typing is a bit harsh and sfx during typing are getting annoying after some time (maybe some softer sounds would work better).
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