Perfectly Perilous Provisions


NB: This is a VERY early prototype. Sorry for the low quality gif, it was the only way to make it small enough! CONTROLLER REQUIRED AT THE MOMENT!

Human: Fall Flat wobbles into Overcooked and serves up a side of Takeshi's Castle!

Perfectly Perilous Provisions is a whacky active rag doll game, currently supporting single and local co-op play. The Old One's are rising, can you muster the culinary skills to prove you are better serving dishes, then being served on them?


Roll on up! We've launched version 0.1.34. A key introduction is in how players are introduced to the game, with a new tutorial provided to get players cooking recipes faster and with less hassle. This then leads into a more complicated tutorial which explores a more complex recipe, opens a new area and gives a little obstacle course challenge (not without reward of course!)   The game economy has been reworked, so now more complex recipes make sense to actually try out!   We have also put together a stylised tutorial showing the process of putting together Salmon Burgers.   How do you make yours? Be sure to let us know if you make any videos, we'd love to see them and share them!   We have also made changes to the joints of a number of mechanisms. This should lead to them being a bit easier to interface with, such as the guillotine! UI changes have been made to ensure that things are a little less finicky for you :-)    

We're aiming for another main update in mid August. This should include some event specific cosmetics, new recipes/ingredients and more improvements to the locomotion system and collision systems. Our Kickstarter is running now so please consider supporting us or spreading the word. We're a two person team with very limited resources, so our ability to add online co-op and mouse controls does depend on how much funding we can get.

We will also be working on the currently included mini-game to incorporate new game modes and tie it into the initial tutorial modes so that things begin to make a bit more sense! and the initial story starts to take shape. With any luck, we will also have a more dynamic looking town with the modular building system. We hope to see you there!


vladyslu 8 months ago

Hey. I love the game. I love how you have to learn controls very well to be able to do anything. Sometimes it felt like the character is very slow. I made a video about me playing your game. I hope you like it.
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