Null, as Fouzi's most popular game, we decided to give it a fresh look and give it that "strange girl" taste. 


Null is a murder mystery / social deduction game with time travel elements.

You are trapped in a mansion with 8 other people and forced to play a game with some "Werewolf/Mafia" elements except the consequences are very real. But wait, that's not all, every time you die in the game you are sent back to the start of the loop forever trapped in a hellish game with no means to escape.

But fear not, you're not alone. "CC", a strange girl who seems to also retain her memories after each loop, is also seeking an escape. 

Would you two be able to escape this hellish nightmare or would you be forced to repeat the same loop over and over again for all eternity?

Who's this "Zero" person and why is she forcing you to play this sick game? Why does your character have hollow creepy eyes and barely talk?

Discover not only the truth about this twisted game and your universe but also the terrible truth about "YOU"!

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JustAnotherNick 10 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation
Well written and the characters are pretty likeable. (Hassan's tends to break the fourth wall a bit too often but that's OK, looks like he's, uh... *that* sort of character). I also like the general feel I got from the graphics.
If I have to find a downside I'd say, the way characters keep bounching up and down. I guess that's meant to show they're breathing, however it feels a bit odd after a while. Might simply be a matter of taste, me being used to "classic" visual novels where sprites normally do not move.
Oh, and a "skip text" button could also be a neat add on (granted it's not already present in the full version of the game and the demo I played is simply missing it).

ps. in my country the game's called "Lupus in Tabula" (lit. "wolf on the table") and I'm kind of a fan of it ^^

f0zz1chX 10 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Good game, graphics are good I like it

Craig214 9 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Spent so much time breaking the third wall, repeatibg info such as the kidnapping and lack of memories that it got boring really quick.

Also, you're doing too much telling with a visual medium. Instead off telling me "......... there's 8 people staring at me" just roll with the scene. I'll see the crowd soon enough.

I was a little hooked by the pictures. But the boringness killed it for me. Especially "Main Character".
I get the comedy. But it was done a little distastful.

I hope my review helps.

ig299 5 months ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
good job looks interesting but i think there should be voice acting in the game.
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