NeoWars is a sci-fi themed node-based RTS game with deep tactical gameplay.

Land your harvester on a planet to gather its resources. Connect to an empty resource field to take it over, and build an efficient distribution network between your harvesters. But beware, you are not alone.

Up to 3 enemy AI players battle with you for the last remaining harvester on the planet surface. Be smart and quick to achieve a glorious victory. Use different upgrades, buffs and debuffs to gain the edge over your enemies.

The game has a unique payment model for mobile, we call “Free2Paid”. With every IAP or watched ad, you not only get rewarding items in return, but fill up a bar that unlocks an ad and IAP-free version of the game.

• Beautiful and minimalistic themed sci-fi art
• Tactical game play on 5 different environments
• Campaign with 50+ planets to conquer
• Up to 5 difficulties per level – from easy to insane
• 4 permanent upgrades
• 35 buffs/de-buffs for friendly and enemy nodes in 5 rarities
• Advanced enemy AI with up to 3 opponents on a single map
• Unique “Free2Paid” model -> watch ads or make some IAPs to unlock
• Awesome 8-layer interactive music score
• Lefthanded mode
• Reduced graphics settings for low end devices

Google Play/ Game Center
• 23 achievements
• leaderboard
• Savegames across multiple devices
• Can be activated/deactivated in settings menu

Planned features in the next updates

• Translation in different languages
• Additional play modes (Time Attack)
• Multiplayer mode
• Level editor


ish 3 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Hi, first off I tried to play in 2580 x 1080 but all the graphics were cutting off the screen, so maybe remove that resolution.

1) The game strategy was very simple at first but then it gets very complex with the introduction of gear cards and a lot of new terms. Overall great strategy play.

2) I would like a quick animation for when you are clicking and holding something, like a circle that fills for the holding a gear, because the gear description kind of comes out suddenly without it.

3) I think the game could use less cutscenes, I specifically remember when two players were first introduced to the map, seeing the cutscene, and going "no duh, just let me kill em". Maybe instead it would be a great time to give the leaders unique personalities/character development like in civilization?

4) The tilted UI looks cool

5) Sound Design was on point

6) It is very cheesy that the credits are under the title in the main menu, it would be better in a credits button/screen.

Please note I played the demo, and I had no ads, so I don't know how it feels with those breaks/controls.

luciddreamparty 3 years ago

Mechanics Physics
Note: I put Physics down because I really don't have much negative to say about the game.

I am sorry that I don't have much in the way of constructive criticism. I think everything in this game is really well put together. Obviously you guys are professionals at this.

My one concern is the monetization of the gear. I haven't gotten that far in the game, but I would probably stop playing the game rather then buying gear. Sorry if that sounds cheap, the game is great and deserves to be supported, but it's just a hang up I have with IAPs for in game gear. I'd rather pay you guys a price up front to get a well balanced experience from start to finish. That being said, I haven't hit this particular issue with the game yet.

TheRichCourt 3 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Wow! I love this game! I've always been an RTS fan, so was pleased to come across this. The low-poly aesthetic looks great, and the music sounds like it's straight out of Mass Effect. Really well done!

Since this is supposed to be a roast, I feel I have to think of something I'd change! While the UI looks great, I did find when playing on my phone (I have a 5.2 inch 1080p screen) that some of the writing was a little on the small side, but I'm really nitpicking there, as it didn't hinder me in playing the game at all. I can see you guys have had a decent number of downloads, and I really hope you've done well out of this game - you definitely deserve to have!

magnuscreates 1 month ago

would love to download but one only constructive crit.
please try to emphasize some of the features in there thanks
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