Neo-Zero is a role-playing game set in a 1990s computer simulation. Neo-Zero takes place in a hi-tech, dystopian, computer-simulated world, and features puzzles similar to the Portal games as well as music-based battles similar to Undertale and Dance-Dance Revolution.

In the 1990s, a group of programmers are tasked with creating a small, simulated world for the purpose of psychological experiments. The world inside the simulation devolves into a dystopia controlled by a single, abusive government. After deeming it unethical to destroy this simulation, the programmers decide to leave it running. However, this world starts to glitch and fall apart...

Inside of the simulated world, you play as Apollo, an aspiring junior scientist at Oxylabs who is forced to perform tests on Oxylabs’ Propulsion Gun Prototype. During a morning of testing, Apollo finds himself stuck in the middle of a sticky situation: a military-enforced shutdown of the unethical Oxylabs.

The current version of Neo-Zero is the Kickstarter demo. It runs on any Windows PC (Windows Vista or higher) with at least 2 GB of RAM and most graphics processors (integrated or dedicated). Hopefully, Linux and Mac versions will be made as well!

Thank you for checking out Neo-Zero! If you have feedback, feel free to leave it! Help this game get finished by checking out Neo-Zero's Kickstarter page:



GamEsnitzhel 2 years ago

Mechanics Controls
"By using this software, you agree that you are an amazing person. :)"

Nice touch, How did you get the installer?

Now onto what I think should be fixed:
custom window size, not full or not.
a way to speed up text in the beginning
I would prefer a grid system for moving because its hard for me to get around things
Custom controls
more intensive to use all 3 slots, i used only 1 because I forgot the other 2 existed
I liked the questions between lvl 1 and 2

I played level one so far, definitely going to continue playing, this game is awesome
are there different endings? I closed the document on the computer and I scare easily...

I died after the very long put all the right blocks in the beginning.
Im mad

MuchoPotato 2 years ago

Thanks for roasting my game!!! I made the installer using an NSIS script I wrote.

I definitely agree that the controls need to be refined. In addition, the hit box on the player might need to be a little tighter. The custom window size is also a good idea.

The current state of the game (the demo) does not have different endings, but different rooms might be available to different players depending on how they progress through the game. Different endings will be something I plan on implementing in the final version of the game.

GamEsnitzhel 2 years ago

Oh, I was scared that when I deleted the file something bad was going to happen, I suppose it will in the final game.
I will go for all of the endings when you finish it.

This is an amazing game
Roast Em


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