Mind Thief


A turn based puzzle game about stealing counsciousness and uncontrollable self-cloning.

You walk around with arrows and place finish tiles with space. Those harm the final boss.

Made for GGJ 2018.


eternalgamestudio 3 years ago

Level Design Animation
First I'd like to say that I think that you came up with something really unique! I really like the gameplay and the level design! I'm a big fan of puzzles in general and yours has some potential if it's refined. I know you did this for a game jam and only had limited time but I'm still going to give you some of my negative feedback :P

- I feel sick playing the game, the camera moving the way it does honestly makes me feel like I am drunk.. and not the fun drunk.. the drunk right before you throw up
- The UI is pretty bad but could easily be refined, it gets the point across but
- I like the music quite a bit, it's funny
- The puzzles are really unique and make me want to keep playing until I figure it out!
- I like that you also use GameMaker!

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DyingSilence 3 years ago

Thanks, I've been pretty tired so I have only like three levels really standing out.
I've been going for a Hotline Miami vibe, but I guess wavy screen is not enjoyable for everybody.
Yeah, the UI was quickly put together just to be done.
I've recorded the sound effects and music in the last hour of the jam, in a closet on the laptop's microphone XD It's improvised.
I'm glad you liked it!
Oh yes, I value speed and efficiency, and GameMaker gives me just that. Everybody else was using Unity, and they've had problems after problems and their games were in the end very short and simple. I'm learning Unity and Unreal for job purposes, but my heart will be with GM forever :D
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